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Guide To Bet Over/Under 3.5 Goals Betting For Newplayer - Forum

2024-03-29 05:52

July 17, 2023, 7:37 a.m.

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Over/Under 3.5 goals is not commonly used by bookmakers because its total goals are generally high. However, as a bettor, you need to understand betting tips over 1.5 how to interpret the odds when placing a bet on a match with this line. Detailed reference data will be compiled below.
What does Over/Under 3.5 mean?
In simple terms, Over/Under 3.5 is a bet on whether the total number of goals scored after the match ends will be greater or less than 3.5. Unlike handicap or 1X2 bets, you don't need to worry about which team is stronger; you just need to assess the scoring performance of both teams.
The main purpose of bookmakers offering Over/Under 3.5 odds is to predict how many goals will be scored. Additionally, this type of bet does not result in a draw; it's either a win or loss. Furthermore, interpreting Over/Under bets for corner kicks or yellow/red cards follows similar rules.
Interpreting Over/Under 3.5 can result in two scenarios:
The match ends with 4 goals or more: Those who bet Over win, while those who bet Under lose.
The total goals are 3 or less: Those who bet Over lose, while those who bet Under win.
Calculating wins and losses with Over/Under 3.5
That's just the theoretical part for you to understand the nature and interpretation of this type of bet. However, don't forget to follow the two examples below to apply it practically.
Example of betting on Over:
In the match between U23 Qatar and U23 Myanmar in the U23 Asian qualifiers on September 9th. The bookmakers favor the home team due to their form and strength, so they set the Over/Under line at 3.5, with odds of 0.85 for both teams. Suppose the final score is 5-2, and you bet 1,000,000 VND:
Those who bet Over win, so they receive 1,000 x 0.85=850,000 VND.
Those who bet Under lose, so they lose 1,000,000 VND.
Example of betting on Under:
The bookmakers also apply Over/Under 3.5 to the match between U23 Tajikistan and U23 Laos in a similar qualifying round. The away team is considered weaker than the home team due to the difference in skill level. Therefore, the odds are set at 0.81 and 0.89 respectively. Suppose you also bet 1,000,000 VND and the total goals after two halves are 2-1:
Those who bet Over lose, so they lose 1 million VND.
Those who bet Under win, so you receive 1,000 x 0.89=890,000 VND.
Bettors should note that bookmakers usually apply this type of bet only for Full Time (the entire match)!

Mastering the Art of Investing in 3 1/2 Over/Under Goals like a Pro
Apart from understanding how to read best betting tips app the odds for a 3.5 over/under goal line, it's essential to enhance your soccer betting experience with the following tips:
Study Specific Team Dynamics:
To accurately predict the 3.5 over/under line, pay attention to the form and team dynamics. For instance, consider the performance in the last 5 – 10 matches, which team has a higher win-loss ratio, or which team tends to adopt a defensive stance.
Additionally, match outcomes can be influenced by penalties or injury statuses. If a strong team lacks its key striker, they are likely to score fewer goals, or if a weaker team loses its main defenders, they might concede more goals.
Analyze the Average Goals Scored in Previous Matches:
Some teams might score a lot of goals generally, but when facing tough opponents, they struggle to find the net. To understand this aspect, review the total goals scored in previous encounters between the two teams. Also, consider the nature of today's match, such as whether it's a final, a qualification match, a routine fixture, etc. When a team has already secured progression or the championship, coaches often field a rotated squad to give fringe players more experience.
Choose a Reliable Platform for 3.5 Over/Under Betting:
This is a crucial aspect repeatedly emphasized because selecting a reputable betting platform significantly enhances your chances of winning. With such platforms, the payout rates are reasonable, neither too high nor too low, and there's less volatility. With this stability, bettors can more easily analyze odds and make informed decisions.
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These are comprehensive guidelines for understanding and investing in the 3.5 over/under goal market. By now, you should have a fundamental grasp of this type of soccer betting, right? However, once you've grasped the theory, remember to continue learning and refining your strategies by leveraging the experiences of those who've gone before you.