NLRadiotherapy object

Use of radiation or radioactive compounds - Specific requirements


Applicable legal framework

Danish Act on the Use of X-rays
Danish Act on Use of Radioactive Substances
Danish Act on Nuclear Installations

Additional Information

Radiation: Approval is required in case that radiation is used in the clinical trials

More information on notification and approval may be obtained by contacting the institute:

The National Institute of Radiation Protection

Knapholm 7

2730 Herlev


Tel. +45 4454 3454
24-hour hotline: +45 4494 3773 

Fax +45 7222 7417 

(Head of Division: Mette Karin Øhlenschlæger
Email:, Phone +45 4454 3481)

Contact is provided on the CA website in section: About us / Contact / Contact the Danish Health Authority